Queens Chimney Cleaning

We remove chimney deposits and evaluate the overall condition of the chimney system. Our goal is to provide recommendations that will improve the safety and efficiency of your appliance and venting system.

There are Several Reasons to Remove Chimney Deposits

  • To ensure that the appliance vents properly to the outdoors.
  • To prevent chimney fires.
  • To reduce or eliminate chimney odors.
  • To remove blockages that could cause carbon monoxide gases to enter the home.
  • To prevent deterioration of the chimney interior caused by acids in the deposits.
The required cleaning frequency will depend on amount of use, the type of installation, the type of fuel, and the burning habits of the homeowner. Chimneys should be cleaned when accumulations of soot and creosote approach or exceed 1/4 inch. Accumulations of glaze in excess of 1/8 inch should be removed. Frequent, at least annual, inspections are the only way to know when the chimney requires cleaning.