Queens Boiler Service

Having your boiler professionally serviced and maintained is a definite necessity. With the advent of home improvement reality television shows, often times homeowners feel that the boiler can be tackled as a do it yourself type of job. Unfortunately, they learn the hard way that the boiler can be a dangerous and difficult piece of machinery to work with and it should only be handled with the utmost of care and only by a professional. Boilers can be fueled both with natural gas, propane, or they can burn fuel oil. Oil boilers are higher maintenance than their gas burning equivalents and require regular maintenance to the blower and oil filter. Our Brooklyn boiler service is often called upon by homeowners who experience problems such as:
  • Boiler is not producing heat.
  • Boiler is producing little heat at the improper temperature.
  • Mineral deposits causing blockages in their systems.
  • Their expansion tank has too much water and not enough air.
  • Water leaking near or around the boiler.
  • Intermittent radiators heating; some radiators working while others do not.
  • Loud sounds, banging or clunking noises when the boiler is engaged.
Our Brooklyn boiler service is available for any of the repairs above. We also offer Brooklyn boiler service for emergency visits, regardless of the day or time. Many of the above listed problems can be minor to fix, but when an inexperienced homeowner tries to make the necessary repairs him or herself, they often end up creating more damage, which can turn into a costly repair. The best way to avoid any Brooklyn boiler service calls is to make certain that your boiler gets the proper maintenance it needs to run at its peak, annually. Annual maintenance can cover many areas including but not limited to:
  • Adjustment and verification of water levels.
  • Low water cutoff verified.
  • Blowdown water column.
  • Blowdown boiler.
  • Visual check of incineration properties.
  • Proper operating pressure and temperature of the boiler.
  • Regulation of feed water pressure and temperature.
  • Temperature of condensate.
  • Feed water pump working.
  • Temperature of the flue gas.
  • Pressure of the gas.
  • Appropriate temperature and oil pressure.
  • General operation of the boiler.
Our maintenance program takes a very proactive approach to maintenance. We try to identify and correct any potential problems or hazards that your boiler might be experiencing before any issues might arise, thus eliminating the need for any further Brooklyn boiler service calls. Our dedicated professionals with decades of experience are trained to identify future problems and eliminate them. Regardless of the type of boiler that you have or the issue that you might be having, you should give us a call if you think that you might be having a problem. If you’re noticing small issues such as constant running of your boiler or your thermostats not reaching the temperature that you would like them to be at, then you should give us a call for a service visit. A small repair on a boiler could turn into a larger issue for the homeowner if it is not promptly taken care of.